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One analyst believes the iPad Mini could end the iPod Touch

ipod touch colores1 Un analista cree que el iPad Mini podría acabar con el iPod Touch

Will you be preparing to discontinue Apple iPod Touch now that customers have other alternatives like the iPad Mini or iPhone 5? This is the opinion of an analyst has predicted the eventual demise of the product. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, the iPod Touch "has entered the final stage of its life cycle", and adds that "Apple is not going to invest significantly in the development of future models."

The reasoning is quite reasonable. Apple launched the iPhone 5 with possibility of purchase for $ 200 (signing an exclusive contract with an operator for two years, of course), this inevitably slows retail sales price of iPod Touch.

The iPad Mini could mean the death of the iPod Touch

The analyst, looks back on successes in their predictions about Apple, especially if we remember that it was he who said that Apple could remove 17-inch MacBook Pro in its catalog. Which finally been fulfilled, although in the case of the iPod Touch seems that things can be different.

The iPod Touch is an incredibly popular product among consumers. The company regularly announces that more than half of all iPods sold are iPod Touch. In the first month of the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano new stores, were sold three million units as Apple claims in the event last Tuesday.

If price was the only reason why Apple continues to market a product, the iPod Classic and should have disappeared long ago, since by its price can buy an iPod Touch, but the differences between the two products are very clear, are aimed at completely different audiences.

camara ipod touch Un analista cree que el iPad Mini podría acabar con el iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch is available for $ 299 the 32GB version and $ 399 for the 64GB. Apple is still selling the previous model, ie the iPod Touch 4G, for $ 199 the 16GB version or $ 249 for 32GB version. That is, a lower price.

The iPod Touch has always been a product with great success among adolescents. It is the only way a young man can have an iPhone-like device, and not have to pay a really high fees to a telephone operator. Odds that few parents can afford to pay for a child to be used only as "entertainment".

Without doubt, the iPod Touch is a perfect gateway for the iPhone. Teens can play music, games, watch videos, send messages and stuff, but only via WiFi, without paying monthly fees for data rates.

What do you think? Will the new iPad Mini to replace the iPod Touch? Will Apple preparing to remove the iPod Touch market?

2 Un analista cree que el iPad Mini podría acabar con el iPod Touch

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