Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Onavo Count: controlling consumption data by application

Long ago we told you about Onavo (now called Onavo Extend), an application that allows us to save on data usage of our device by compressing files. Well, the company has released another app related, also with consumption, but this time, allowing us to know the data consumption per application (always referring to using low 3G/4G/LTE).

iOS, by default, only allows us to know the total consumption data, but we can not know in detail. With Onavo Count we know we spend our data rate (yes, that it disappears long before month-end ...) with a list of all applications that make use of it, besides being able to view detailed consumption by graphing.

The application, once installed, will ask for permission to install a configuration profile in our device, that is what will allow the collection of information. We'll have to install it to make use of it.

Onavo Count-Using Data Manager

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