Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On November 2 could be the launch date of the iPad Mini

ipad El 2 de noviembre podría ser la fecha de lanzamiento del iPad Mini

Slowly we approach the day that is expected to be submitted on iPad Mini. Apple has already convened an event on 23 October and it is expected that the new tablet is presented in society as well as other interesting news.

But it is presented, does not mean that it hits stores the same day. Rumors are now focused on the day that the device will be available. If we are guided by what Apple has done on other occasions, it would be logical to announce the device on October 23, the turn to take bookings on the following Friday, October 26 and will ultimately be available in stores seven days later, ie, November 2 (also Friday). In this moment would come to a first wave of countries and slowly would spread to other markets.

The iPad Mini could hit stores on November 2

From Geeky-Gadgets, say this could be the "modus operandi" of Apple and say that one of their sources, one of the largest retailers in the UK, they have confirmed that the information is correct. Furthermore, say that their source was reliable in most cases, which usually gives points to rumors generators.

trasera ipad mini El 2 de noviembre podría ser la fecha de lanzamiento del iPad Mini

No doubt you have enough sense reasoning and if we think of the past even more. There is also another important factor. Microsoft has also announced its own tablet , the Surface and pre-booking will be available from the day October 26, so Apple could rush to take before your new tablet. It is also important to mention that the Surface seems more intended to "fight" against 9.7-inch iPad, which against the much rumored iPad Mini 7.85 inch, both by size and by price.

Anyway, Apple officially unveiled us all this information on 23 October, in less than a week. The countdown begins ...

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