Saturday, October 27, 2012

Now available Pepephone nano-SIM for iPhone 5

As you know, the big operators like Orange, Movistar and Vodafone have long since nano-SIM for the new iPhone 5. However, other companies like Pepephone (which, in this case, using the same data network that Vodafone) have had problems for supply and delays have occurred.

Well, Pepephone already have the nano-SIM for the new iPhone 5 and details the two situations in which you can find to get it: if you need a new high because you are not Pepephone users or are already customers.

Below, we detail two situations:

  • If users are not Pepephone and you need a new high : You must apply for registration in the new page and select Pepephone nano-SIM card type. Thus, I already sent the nano-SIM directly without adapting any other card and you can place it in your iPhone 5.
  • If you are already customers and you need to adapt your current card to nano-SIM : You must call the toll free number Pepephone (1212) from a line Pepephone and apply. Pepephone will send home the nano-SIM card free of charge. Also, ensure that at no time you will stay no line, because until you do not receive the new card and again llaméis toll-free, will not cut your old line and activate the new one.

Furthermore, Pepephone recommends that if we plan to buy an iPhone 5, expect to have it before applying nano-SIM, since we will only have 15 days to activate it and if after this period of time we have not activated costs apply Shipping and card. Of course, remember also that changing our current card to nano-SIM will not affect in any way the rate we have hired in the phone.


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