Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nokia compares the iPhone 5 with new colors mobile

It seems that compared to Apple products is the trend to follow if you want to talk about your ad. If previously we saw Samsung's aggressive campaigns against the iPhone, iPad and winks at advertising in Amazon Kindle, now it is the brand new new iPhone 5 .

nuevo anuncio nokia iphone 5 630x350 Nokia compara el iPhone 5 con sus nuevos móviles de colores

The ad in question is intended to present the new range of Lumia phones will incorporate the expected Windows 8 operating system. We recall that the terminals have announced many months, but is still unable to reach users. Nokia may have thought it was time that people forget about the iPhone 5 and start thinking about their new handsets, with those played much.

For a few seconds, the animation portrays buyers of the iPhone 5 as being gray and sad, like sheep entering into an Apple Store, hoping to buy the desired terminal. Suddenly, one would think he would like to see some other color, only to be repudiated by the rest of the shoppers and store personnel.

nuevo anuncio nokia iphone 5 2 547x350 Nokia compara el iPhone 5 con sus nuevos móviles de colores

Frightened, goes out only to discover that there are more people like him, who are happy with a colorful terminal. Thus, Nokia aims to contrast the serious colors black and white in the iPhone 5, off the new range of Lumia phones that are about to take in black, white, red, gray, yellow and red.

What do I deserve these campaigns? The Nokia Lumia 920 will be a great terminal, and Windows 8 looks great. Do I need these ads to attract customers? Have you set a cover for your iPhone to make it look more colorful?

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