Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Satuday Night Live" parody of specialized editors in Apple

We are used to seeing all kinds of parodies signed by one of the television programs most famous Americans in history. We're talking, how could it be otherwise, of Saturday Night Live. But this time the show has parodied Apple directly, but has dedicated its space to the U.S. media editors who openly criticize the new iPhone 5.

The gag begins when the host of "technological space" ask the editors of CNET, Gizmodo and Wired for defects of the iPhone 5. The problems include the purple glow of the camera, maps and the new Apple iPhone "too light" (a point that has been unable to read several reviews of international media).

The "editors" do not seem so happy when set across the new guests are announced: Chinese manufacturers of iPhone. Workers begin to make mockery of the criticism: "We are lucky, as we slept in the same place we work and do not need maps to go buy donuts".

The icing on the cake when the workers put the editor of Gizmodo invited to give their views without fear: "expect, that your opinion is accompanied by a sad music and a typical Chinese traditional dance sarcastic".

The article "Satuday Night Live" parody of specialized editors in Apple has been originally published in News iPhone .

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