Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New series of interviews on the iPhone News Podcast

logotemporada2 Nuevo ciclo de entrevistas en el Podcast de Actualidad iPhone

From the Current Podcast iPhone and iPad News always strive to improve our content in order to entertain and inform our thousands of listeners each week. We know that one of the sections that attracts you most is the Interview and for this reason will now give a greater role to our special guests.

Our first extensive interview this week we have maintained with Married Francis, head of business development at AppCircus, we will talk about success stories in the App Store and reveals the keys to how to get to the top in the store Apple applications. A program that developers can not be lost and that is also aimed at those interested in entering the business world applications.

Tomorrow we will publish the full interview in Now iPhone and iTunes. Stay tuned.

More information- Listen to Podcast 2 × 34

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