Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New models of the iPad Mini

ipad mini3 487x650 Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

Again rumors about the iPad Mini occupy our pages. In recent weeks, rumors of a possible 7-inch tablet developed by Apple have not stopped arise and this time come with models that show how it could be the resulting tablet.

This time, the models emerge from a blog called Wretch . These models look quite similar to the standard 9.7-inch iPad, though of course the much rumored screen size of 7.85 inches.

Models of the iPad Mini hearsay

Of course if you see some cosmetic changes, such as a side bevels slightly thinner than the iPad version we know. As for the rumor claiming that the iPad Mini would be much thinner than the iPad 3 , it appears that the person who made ​​the models have other information, as in the photo in comparing the two devices is not just difference in thickness between the two devices.

ipad mini grosor Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

It is important to note that this model is created based on rumors that have emerged in recent weeks. Perhaps the blog have a contact within the production lines for Apple, but the latest reports indicate leaked that the iPad Mini could be manufactured in Brazil and in China as usual, so a Chinese blog in principle not have easy access to information, but you never know who might have contacts.

Anyway, the date on which supposedly solve all our doubts will be on October 17. Date when scheduled (rumored) that Apple iPad Mini officially present to the world. Do you end up confirming rumors? Will Apple really ready to present to the world a new model of iPad? And most importantly Is it really necessary tablet of this size?

ipad mini iphone 5 ipad Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

ipad mini altavoz Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

esquina ipad mini 588x650 Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

ipad mini vs ipad Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

ipad mini esquina detalle Nuevas maquetas del iPad Mini

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