Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Mac Mini, iMac and MacBook Pro Retina could come next Tuesday

macbook pro retina1 Nuevos Mac Mini, iMac y MacBook Pro Retina podrían llegar el martes próximo

For now, the rumors continue to confirm an event on 23 October. During the event Apple is expected to present in society the new iPad Mini, but rumors also say that the new 7-inch tablet , could be accompanied by updates of the Mac range.

A few days ago we mentioned that Apple could use the event to present a possible version of the MacBook Pro Retina with 13-inch screen . This new version of the device would be available in two configurations, with different processors and storage. New leaks also ensure that the laptop would have a resolution of 2560 × 1600 and a pixel density similar to the 15-inch model has a resolution of 2880 × 16800 pixels. Of course, the team will have a unibody like the 15-inch model and SSD storage type, something that is becoming essential in high performance teams.

On October 23 could get new iMac and Mac Mini

Now, there are rumors that Apple might have more surprises in store for this October 23. Specifically we are talking about a possible update of the range Mac Mini and iMac. Two lines of equipment urgently need an update, as long they do not receive improvements.

As for the new iMac is commenting that could come with a complete redesign. A casing thinner than the current and with a design that resembles a drop of water thanks to the curved design of it. Furthermore, Apple could use a new method of laminating on the screen. One method that would make both the panel and the external crystal were one piece, which would give further thin the team feeling. The base of the iMac also suffer some changes and, of course, be updated internal components to improve the overall performance of the computer. All these changes would make the new model a bit more expensive than the current version, but so far has not transcended the exact price. Version is expected to reach 21.5 inches during the event and that the 27-inch version a little later still.

Rumors about the new Mac Mini might just reveal details. Apple is expected to present two new equipment configurations and different storage processor and a third model with OS X Server. It would be logical that the design is kept intact, because it really is one of the last teams that have received design with aluminum unibody enclosure.

imac actual Nuevos Mac Mini, iMac y MacBook Pro Retina podrían llegar el martes próximo

Will we see this news next Tuesday? Are we approaching a keynote full of surprises and novelties? Next week would come out of doubt, if Apple finally announces the event because so far there any news in this regard.

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