Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is now available, we have tried it and we love it

As promised EA Mobile, has done more to fans expect from his famous series of driving and is now available in the App Store the new Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted .

This version combines street racing with police chases typical movie, having to keep an eye on all sides we find in each race: competitors, and traffic police.

After trying it for a while, we have to say we are pleasantly pleased, not only this is one of the most graphically beautiful games and full of detail, but also moves with incredible fluidity, at least in the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 in which we have tested.

The game offers us the main goal of winning reputation in order to become the "most wanted" both individually and as the online rankings against our friends.

Using a map of the city where we can find different events and races, we go racing in multiple tracks and modes such as street racing, time trial, vehicle delivery or 1 VS matchups. 1.

According to fulfill goals, win points and money, which will allow us to move up in the ranking and buy new and better cars (46 real models available for now) that are unlocked as we move forward in the game.

When we are on the track, not only have to worry about being far forward as possible and get as quickly, but we have to take into account other factors like the police not stop us or not wreck the car (yes, you damage affecting physical vehicles).

It has two operating modes: accelerometer or digital steering wheel, both fairly easy to control. In addition, we may skid, brake or use nitro simply touching either side of the screen.

As negative point we can say that does not include any online mode (perhaps add in a future update ...), so we can only compete against our friends through the rankings Origin times and scores.

Not the cheapest in the world game, but it is in Spanish and is universal, so you can play on both iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad and, if you like racing games, I highly recommend it.

Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted

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