Saturday, October 20, 2012

More sources confirm the November 2nd launch date of iPad Mini

ipad mini7 Más fuentes confirman el 2 de noviembre como fecha de Lanzamiento del iPad Mini

This week, Apple sent out invitations for an event that will be held on October 23 at the Teatro San Jose, California. This time he chose the usual Yerba Buena Center, even the Moscone Center, have chosen a place that had never hacho introduced.

Seems pretty clear that during this event, Apple will introduce a new version of the iPad. An iPad with a smaller screen and some features that are not yet confirmed, but which have already been made many assumptions based on hearsay. It is expected that the device is called iPad Mini and Apple started marketing the Nov. 2, at least that's what sources say different.

Now, new sources confirm this date as a likely release date. For example TechCrunch has posted they have heard: "We will send a week and a half after the presentation."

9to5mac also mentions they have heard rumors of the November 2 release date as possible. Specifically they say:

We have heard rumors of November 2 as the date for "liberation" of iPad Mini, but can not confirm. The date makes sense.

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