Thursday, October 11, 2012

McDonalds try installing iPad in its restaurants

mcdonalds ipad McDonalds prueba a instalar iPad en sus restaurantes

McDonalds is one of those companies that have always maintained an air of modernity in their establishments. They have always kept up to date and have been updated to not become obsolete. In large part, this could be one of the reasons for its tremendous success. You know, renew or die.

In an attempt to keep innovating and improving their image among customers, the restaurant chain Quick chain is testing a new initiative in its restaurant Virginia Beach (USA). Specifically, the company has made available to its iPad customers.

McDonalds try installing iPad in its restaurants in Virginia Beach

The intention of McDonalds is that customers can use the devices, while consuming their products. Whether reading a newspaper, blogs, magazines or surf the Internet, access their favorite social networks and others. Of course, the iPad does not give you access to the entire Internet, but there will be a series of filters to prevent clients from accessing content inappropriate for a public place (whether pornographic, violent or other matter in bad taste).

Of course, the iPad (imagine that iPad 3 ) will not leave you in the hands of customers, but will be properly protected to prevent theft or damage of any kind. Yet McDonalds are renting devices to an outside company and all are covered by insurance against theft or loss, which could remove more of a headache to those responsible for the establishments.

mcdonalds McDonalds prueba a instalar iPad en sus restaurantes

Currently the project is being tested in a single restaurant, but who knows, maybe in a few months we see in restaurants across the U.S. or even the world. Everything will depend on the success achieved is common in any bar or coffee shop customers have periodic turning Is this initiative will end in another blow against newspapers on paper? Although for printing world this could be bad news for the digital businesses and the planet (less paper consumption, which would mean fewer trees cut) would be great news.

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