Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lockitron, the new way to open the front door with your iPhone

If a few days ago we presented an innovative way to open the door of your garage with the iPhone ( iSmartGate ), now we present another equally innovative to open the door of your house: Lockitron.

Lockitron presents this new and easy way to open and close the door with just your iPhone. You can open and close the front door wirelessly with a single button or receive notification when another household member (or thief) close or open the door when you're not.

It is an improved version of a similar product that the company launched a while. All you need is to have Wi-Fi, the device installed in the door Lockitron and download the application on the iPhone.

It is not yet for sale, but you can book at the official Lockitron for $ 149 for a limited time.'s expected launch date is March 2013. Also available for Android.


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