Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lightning cracked Cable

Well, if something is to never be able to stop those geniuses who give us other options to officers, no matter new patch comes out, that new anti-piracy technology is believed, someone, somewhere in the world to find ways to achieve crakearlo .

For months it was announced that one of the tactics that Apple had implemented was to place a chip of authenticity in lightning cables, which prevented other manufacturers could get their products without checking out of Cupertino, but announces that already exists a company that has that chip emulate crakear or resulting cables and accessories at half price that officers (and then say that because there is this).

Furthermore, this same company to be taken that no official dock for the iPhone 5 and has brought himself in the end this benefits everyone (well not so much apple) and makes us more options as to what I've read there is also a scarcity of this cable and accessories, and with the new release of the new iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPhone 5 and iPad mini with this connector, but they will want to have some spare cables

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