Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letterpress: your opponent off letters to create words

If Apalabrados you hooked and, more recently commented on the blog, Ruzzle , you must test Letterpress, create another set of words but with a different aesthetic and function.

With a minimalist and very attractive visually, we compete against our friends for the highest score possible.

To do this, we need to go "conquering" letters to create words. Each player has a different color. If we use the letters of the color of our opponent, we will take away points in our favor. If we use a shading color, these letters do not subtract points to rival nor did we join us.

By contrast, using the letters only unshaded join us points to the player whose turn it turn. The game ends when all letters have "their own", and the winner will have the most points at the time. Whereupon, if we lose we will want our opponents steal letters before conquering the board.

As a negative point that currently only available in English. We play against a random opponent or against our friends in Game Center.

Definitely a recommended game since I engancharéis. It is universal and free, but includes a purchase option within the application, by 0.89 euros that can play more than one game simultaneously and unlock more items for the interface.


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