Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaked headphone jacks iPad Mini

Do not know about you, but I do not trust too few months the rumors about the iPad Mini . Now, although we have no official confirmation, the rumors are coming out are so strong that we can say that it would be strange not to appear.

Otherwise, the date chosen may be too soon: later this October. The idea would be to fill the market with this tablet of 7.85 inch ahead of the Christmas season, where sales surely be spectacular.

conectores auriculares ipad mini 1 Se filtran los conectores para auriculares del iPad Mini

Today we added a new filter to the list of rumors about the upcoming Apple tablet. These are some pictures that show interesting parts of the device, such as connectors for headphones in two colors: white and black.

The images have captured the French blog NowhereElse, which in the past was right with the rumors about the iPhone 5 and its components.'s Site is a source of spare parts for electronic devices: The connectors can be cited in the following pictures and cost less than $ 5 each.

conectores auriculares ipad mini 2 Se filtran los conectores para auriculares del iPad Mini

The funny thing is that this piece fits perfectly into the chassis that leaked this week from factories in Asia, so we can say that the puzzle pieces fit together. This connector would, surprisingly, at the top of the iPad Mini (contrary to what has happened with the iPhone 5).

conectores auriculares ipad mini 3 Se filtran los conectores para auriculares del iPad Mini

Would you give credence to this rumor? Many think that the leaks are killing the surprises of the keynotes, but will agree that it is interesting to know what will be Apple's next moves in the world of tablets.

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