Friday, October 26, 2012

Languages: the new language dictionary of Sonic Mobile

Languages ​​is the new Sonic Mobile application (the creators of iTranslate Voice ), which again focuses on the field of translation. The main difference is that this time it is a language dictionary that will allow us to perform translations offline.

Just have to choose the language that interests us and browse their list of words or search directly using their integrated buscandor fast. We will obtain the translation (or translations) corresponding to our word, without any waiting.

Dictionaries included are:

  • Spanish - English
  • German - English
  • French - English
  • Italiano - English
  • Dutch - English
  • Portuguese - English
  • Swedish - English
  • French - Italian
  • French - Spanish
  • German - French
  • German - Italian
  • German - Spanish

The application is available for iPhone / iPod Touch, and once purchased will not have to pay for each dictionary to unload, they are already included in all it will cost € 0.89.


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