Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keep all your expenses controlled to detail with CoinKeeper

Are ye of which I like to have all your expenses under control? Now I'll have to CoinKeeper easier, and that is that this application will allow us, in a very visual and easy to get an idea of our revenues and expenses.

For starters we must add the data on sources of income and accounts so that each expense that will add is subtracting these two. So we know at all times the money we have left.

From there, you just have to go adding different expenses as they happen, adding the type (food, home insurance, leisure doctor ...), quantity, date and disclosures to know where they come from.

It also has statistics option, where you can view charts with the monthly, daily or total and the ability to backup to avoid losing all the data that we will add.

The best thing is that very limiado time you can download for free, so Run before it returns to its original price of 4.99 €.


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