Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jailbreak the iPhone is still legal, through the jailbreak release is no longer

 Hacer jailbreak al iPhone sigue siendo legal, liberarlo por medio del jailbreak ya no lo es

In July 2010 was declared legal to jailbreak the iPhone before it was not known whether it was legal or illegal. That decision has expired, but again has again declared legal, at least in the iPhone, the iPad does not say anything, which does not mean it's illegal, but the tablet is very general concept, suppose a judge jailbreak the iPad will not let them be deemed illegal if the iPhone with the same operating system is legal.

What if declared illegal is releasing jailbreak iPhones through software-as Ultrasn0w, which was previously legal. The Dev-Team has always been against doing illegal things, and since releasing a baseband is increasingly difficult and now we can go forgetting is illegal to release our iPhones for use with any computer via Cydia and jailbreak.

The only chance we have left to release the iPhone is the release by IMEI, either by the operator or by the shops that do not even have finished your term contract. If you want more information about this type of release we did a very thorough post a few weeks ago which you can see here.

Source - IDB

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