Friday, October 26, 2012

Jailbreak the iPhone is still legal. At the iPad, it is less clear

The jailbreak has always been controversial. Many people confuse it with application piracy, something completely illegal. While it is true that the jailbreak is the door you enter pirate applications, is also a gateway to thousands of legal changes that make our iOS devices more powerful, versatile and attractive.

On July 26, 2010, the Library of Congress of the United States stated that the jailbreak was a legal activity. To do this, she claimed the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). At that time, was a great boost to the industry, because until then the matter was in the midst of a major gap.

jailbreak iphone ipad legal 468x350 Hacer jailbreak al iPhone sigue siendo legal. Al iPad, no está tan claro

However, the decision has expired after two years or so. Just today, the Library has announced something new about the jailbreak: still legal, but with some notable exceptions.

To be honest, the jailbreak itself was never illegal. The question is whether Apple could take legal action against those who performed, but today it has become clear: it is not illegal. At least on the iPhone.

And, the Register of Copyrights, which in turn is responsible for deciding the terms of the DMCA, believes the tablet concept is too ambiguous to include it. So, unfortunately, the iPad is not included in the list of devices to which it is legal to jailbreak.

jailbreak iphone ipad legal 2 350x350 Hacer jailbreak al iPhone sigue siendo legal. Al iPad, no está tan claro

Indeed, the act of releasing a smartphone also ceased to be in this list of permitted acts. After six years of permissiveness, the Library of Congress of the United States has become more restrictive than ever.

What does this mean? The truth is that in practice nothing changes. It makes little sense to differentiate between the two devices from the legal point of view, so you think you can not sustain an argument if Apple decides to take someone to court.

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