Monday, October 15, 2012

It accelerates the production of screens for the iPad Mini

And we continue with the rumors about the iPad Mini. The truth is that just two days away received the alleged press invitations for keynote in which the device will be presented to everyone. If this happens, we would leave to doubt whether the mysterious tablet really exist or are just prototypes and fakes.

Today we learned that AU Optronics (AUO), the Taiwanese manufacturer that would be providing the displays for the iPad Mini , has solved some problems he had encountered in their production chain. So right now they are working at full capacity

acelera pantallas ipad mini 464x350 Se acelera la producción de pantallas para el iPad Mini

Reportedly, AUO had pledged to make up to 50% of the screens of iPad Mini in its first printing. This makes three million units should be ready later this month. In fact, they should be made and sent to the assembly lines in a few weeks, so you can hit the stores in early November.

The information comes from the newspaper China Economic News Service, which adds a curious fact. Apparently, Apple has increased its sales forecasts watching the expectation that is waking your iPad Mini, and that they still do not even know if it's real or not. Right now, in your contract requires about three million iPad Mini screens for each month.

acelera pantallas ipad mini 2 Se acelera la producción de pantallas para el iPad Mini

According to the Wall Street Journal, the device would be presented on October 23 with an event dedicated to books, students and the introduction of technology in the classroom. In addition, you may also see the classic product reviews Apple's high-end, as a new iMac or a MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display.

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