Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IPod Touch? Mini Maxi or iPad? Reflect

ipad mini negro ¿iPod Touch Maxi o iPad Mini? Reflexionemos

Never before the launch of an Apple product, fought side by side with another company's product. The launch of the iPad Mini could be the first that could cause this and specifically struggle, and slow sales of a product that does nothing updated time: the iPod Touch.

If we recapitulate a bit, we see that the models that had emerged about the iPhone 5 were thought to be totally false, but eventually discovered it was not so and that really showed the true appearance you finally have the device. The same could happen with the iPad Mini models that are circulating on the Internet and perhaps the 17th, the day on which the presentation is expected, we could be sure.

IPad? Mini or Maxi iPod Touch?

The latest models that have appeared, showing just cosmetic changes when compared to the new generation of iPod Touch. The most important difference is the different screen sizes, which may lie the difference between the two products, but this thing is and how application developers exploit the advantage of a larger screen.

Anyway, as some say that the iPad Mini, iPod Touch could be considered a Maxi, for the few differences between the two products. Actually this was the case, when Apple introduced the first iPad, but ultimately the differences between the two products were larger than initially expected. When these things happen we have the feeling that people have no memory and quickly forget the recent past.

ipad mini trasera2 ¿iPod Touch Maxi o iPad Mini? Reflexionemos

Regarding the possible features of the new iPad Mini has talked a lot but it is not clear. The only thing that seems pretty clear is that it will have a screen of 7.85 inches with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels. As there are many doubts processor: some sources claim that mount the A5 processor already includes the iPhone 4S or the iPad 2 , while others predict it will take an A6 like the iPhone 5. App Analytics has detected that there are two models, one iPad 2.6 and iPad 3.6, riding a A5 and A6 respectively, so that Apple could be working with several different prototypes. Probably the camera would be similar to the iPad 3 to 5 megapixels and, of course, would have 3G/LTE connectivity because it would be an ideal device for mobility.

Even with features in the air, the biggest question that has emerged so far is the price of the device. The main rivals are the Nexus fight 7 of Google and Amazon Kindle Fire HD, both devices are sold for about $ 200. If Apple wants to gain a foothold in this sector should compete with a similar price, between 200 and 300 U.S. dollars. Something seems a little complicated, when the most basic iPod Touch now has a starting price of $ 299 if we go to the latest available.

What can Apple do to compete in this market without damaging sales of the iPod Touch? How to get further differentiate the two products? I repeat that I think are two devices aimed at people looking for different things, but in a way to be able to do the same things.

If all the rumors are true, in a very few days despejaremos all our doubts.

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