Wednesday, October 3, 2012

iPhone 5 ... models and future LTE connections

To accommodate this debate, and update the blog a bit, I would try to explain the models of the iPhone 5 and its connections to LTE networks, and above all future networks in Mexico.

Information is collected from internet and some of the comments on this post, and as far as I have researched all came to the same conclusion.

LTE Networks

The LTE network unlike 3G networks do not operate in the same spectrum and each country has different rules for their use, that because these frequencies have been for other uses or are in the process of it. In the highly publicized case in Mexico have the band whose use the 2.2 is still the MVS (although they are in a lawsuit), this discouragement more than one because it was thought that this would curb the use of these networks.
However for LTE spectra are different, so we should not worry because there are bands that can be used currently from 700 MHz to 2.1 MHz, so the phone companies if they can provide this service, when it is something else.

Currently in Mexico, the bands where LTE can operate these distributed as follows

Telcel: LTE 4 (1.7/2.1 Mhz)
Movistar: LTE 17 (700Mhz) may not be at 2.6 MHz as speculated since this spectrum has not been consensionado
Iusacell / Unefon: Unconfirmed

IPhone 5 Models

Model A1428-GSM-
The model works in network A1428 4 and 17 LTE networks are working in most GSM operators in the U.S. and Canada, and especially those that would work in Mexico with Telcel and Movistar.

Model A1429-GSM-
This model is made for most Asian and European networks, LTE networks operate 1, 3 and 5

Model A1429-CDMA-
Model for CDMA networks in the U.S. and Asia, 1,3,5,13 and 25 LTE networks

So what is the model to buy
After all this choro dizzying information if you plan to buy an iPhone 5 abroad try to be the model A1428 GSM, this time you will work on 3G networks in Mexico and future LTE networks. Or how I can keep waiting to officially announce it, you decide.

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