Wednesday, October 10, 2012

IPad Mini? WiFi only iPad 3 with LTE and internationally?

ipad mini5 ¿iPad Mini sólo con WiFi y iPad 3 con LTE internacional?

The Guardian has launched a new rumor about the much ballyhooed iPad Mini . According to sources, the iPad Mini will hit the market only with WiFi connectivity, ie Apple will not create a version with 3G to limit the cost of production and to market the device to a lower price.

Its main competitor, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7, also have 3G connectivity. We must also remember that when Apple launched the original iPad, created both versions, but the model with mobile connectivity took about a month to get to the shops. It is also important to mention that the iPod Touch does not have this type of connectivity, although it is true that this is a completely different device, aimed at a different audience and adding mobile connectivity would be practically the same as an iPhone, but without the possibility of calls, something that would not make much sense.

Apple could choose to launch Mini iPad without 3G connectivity

Experts say such a move could be intentional and a good way to attract more buyers to the 9.7-inch version, which does exist the possibility of buying a model with mobile connectivity.

Still, we must keep in mind that the size and weight rumored, it would be an extremely portable device would not make much sense did not exist a version of the device with wireless connectivity. Apple may launch initially with WiFi only version and a later version 3G comes, of course, be a little more expensive than the WiFi only version.

ipad resolucionario ¿iPad Mini sólo con WiFi y iPad 3 con LTE internacional?

In addition, the publication also discusses a possible upgrade iPad 3 along with the launch of the iPad Mini. Specifically say the iPad 3 could be updated to include the new port Lightning and improve LTE chipset included so that the device will operate with international and non-LTE connections in the U.S. only as with the model that is currently in stores. This would allow the use of different frequencies LTE networks, such as exist, for example in Europe.

Do you think it makes sense without an iPad Mini mobile connectivity? Will we see a new update on the possible iPad 3 launch event of iPad Mini? The answer to these questions should come soon, at least if it ends up confirming the event to wait for next October 17 , in exactly one week d.

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