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iPad mini, what model?

ipad mini blanco iPad mini, ¿Qué modelo elegir?

Now that the iPad mini is a reality, many of you will have in mind probably buy one. After convincing yourself, and for a wife or husband, it's time to decide which model best fits us. We'll have to think about whether we want the iPad mini with 16, 32 or 64 GB, and also if we want the version WiFi or WiFi + LTE. In this article we will try to clear some doubts you may have.

Color: White or Black

The choice of color is very important, because the ends of the device will always be there, ready to be seen and used. In general, with minor differences, the white model is more pleasant to use while reading a book, while the black color model provides the best view when viewing videos. The rest is just a matter of taste, waiting to find out if the anodized aluminum used in the iPad mini is just as prone to scratches as used in the iPhone 5. In that case, at least initially, is preferable to acquire the target pattern or to put back a good cover.

Tip: We believe that the best choice would be white because the scratches are less visible.

Storage: How many GB do I need?

The 16GB iPad mini could be enough. Unlike the iPhone, there are few users who use the iPad to make many photos or videos directly to the tablet, which saves a lot of space. Films weigh less than 1GB each (unless optéis for Full HD versions on iTunes), but using much of the space iCloud will be released in favor of the cloud, thanks to the photo gallery, documents in the cloud and even using iTunes Match if you can not do without your favorite music. In general, most people use the iPad as a way to transport files or always get to read books, things that rarely exceed 16 GB. However, if you use the iPad for video editing (iMovie), drawings and photo retouching, perhaps you should consider buying the 32GB model. If you are also gamers you will have to consider a higher capacity model, as some games can occupy quite. However, the pattern of 64 GB is really exaggerated, at least in most cases.

Tip: The 16 GB model, in most cases, is more than enough.

Connection: WiFi or WiFi + LTE?

The iPad mini is compatible with ultra-fast mobile network LTE. Currently in Spain is not too common this technology, but most operators are already moving to implement it. Logically also supports 3G networks, but remember that it can use the iPhone as an access point and use the data connection that you have on your phone, saving the more it costs € 100 LTE version of the iPad mini and share a data rate with an operator. However, if you plan to use the iPad mini several hours a day with the mobile connection, ye may not be aware of the iPhone battery drain (in Hotspot consumes a lot of battery) and spending megs of your smartphone's data connection, thus buying a mini iPad model with LTE compatibility is essential.

Tip: With few exceptions, opt for mini iPad with WiFi and use on iPhone Hotspot to share the mobile connection.

Flea market

Surely at some point (when you leave the mini iPad 2 maybe) you will want to sell your device on the second hand market. If so and you are going to use the iPad mini for only one year, until the next exit, the 16GB model is your choice, as in the second hand market is the best-selling and so would get the loss money is lower. The LTE model will not make you a big winner in case of a future resale.

Tip: spend less now means saving more in the long term.

The eternal question: I need the iPad mini?

This is the eternal question we all ask when we want to buy a device with a higher or lower price, do you really need?. It depends a lot on whether you already have an iPad or not. If so you have to ask that you do with the iPad mini. If your family uses the iPad, maybe buy a mini iPad is not a crazy idea, because the price is very good and gives the same functions as the top model. If you already have an iPad and just using you, does not make much sense to buy the iPad mini, unless you travel a lot and feel the need to use a device in your pocket lighter. Another case is that of the hard-core geeks who need to have all devices coming to market. In this case you'll end up buying it safe.

If you are considering buying the iPad mini as your first iPad and for use at home, I advise you to buy the iPad in April, as the iPad mini, despite doing the same, it has the stunning Retina display, and believe me, it note the difference. In addition to the Retina display, the iPad 4 has an impressive performance, as we saw yesterday in the benchmark , as well as new design that makes it lighter.

And here our tips on buying the iPad mini. Obviously each person is different and everyone has to see if you are interested or not, and buy model. We wish we contarais your impressions, are you going to buy the iPad mini?. If so, what model will choose?.

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