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iPad Mini - This is what we know for now

It brings the iPad Mini talking for years, even before the launch of the original iPad back in January 2010. However, in recent months we've seen how the rumors were growing in intensity and frequency, involving many reliable sources are not wrong when they talk about devices in the near future.

Although it looked like a pretty marginal possibility, the fact is that the iPad Mini is emerging as a major player within the world of tablets for 2012. That is why we have decided to collect all the information we have about the next surprise from Apple.

ipad mini rumores 1 622x350 iPad Mini Esto es lo que sabemos por el momento

Note that none of this information is official, and only leave doubts if Apple finally introduced the tablet in a keynote desired. Incidentally, this presentation may occur in the coming weeks. But one thing.

The device

The iPad Mini will be similar to any other member of the family iPad , but with a size of between 7 and 8 inches. Most analysts agree that the chosen size would be 7.85 inches, slightly above its main competitors. Some leaked photos highlight a distance between the edges of the screen and the edges of the tablet smaller than previous models, something like a big iPod Touch.

ipad mini rumores 2 466x350 iPad Mini Esto es lo que sabemos por el momento

The name of the mysterious tablet, except surprise, would be the iPad Mini. Apple has already used this adjective repeatedly, is facing resultón buyers and also defines perfectly what would this new product. It has also been discussed that could be called ITAB or just iPad, but we consider it far less likely.

The thickness will be less than 8 mm, two below the new iPad and well below its major competitors. This is reasonable if you think about what Apple has advanced display technologies in recent months.

The camera and screen

Not that the camera is especially important in the tablets, but since we have to incorporate a couple of them, they are good. Chances are that the rear camera to take pictures, videos and using augmented reality apps, it looks like the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. You have to think that the key to this device is to maintain an acceptable price to reach more buyers.

The front chamber, which is used mainly to enjoy the video, it would lower resolution but should be able to record video at 720p at 30 frames per second. The presence of LED flash on both cameras can discard it, as in his older brothers.

ipad mini rumores 3 528x350 iPad Mini Esto es lo que sabemos por el momento

The screen is one of the things that can decide the success or failure of a new product. Apart from those already mentioned for 7.85 inch diagonal, it makes sense to consider a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, increasing the density of pixels per inch on a good portion of the 132 ppi original iPad or iPad 2 . This resolution is a well known by programmers who would not have to change a line of code in their creations. Moreover, the aspect ratio of 4:3 would make him an ideal device to read, watch movies, play games or check email.

Features and Connectivity

Chances are that with a resolution as manageable, the processor does not need major improvements over already see the other iOS devices. Natural thing would be to integrate an A5, like the iPad 2, then remember that the A5X is designed for a huge resolution and A6 can leave them too expensive for now. Here is another key to the iPad Mini reaches all people claiming.

ipad mini rumores 4 574x350 iPad Mini Esto es lo que sabemos por el momento

The RAM, meanwhile, remain in 1 GB, it is one of the cheapest electronic components market. Of course, no one doubts the Lightning the new connector in the bottom of the device and the speaker output.

On paragraph Wireless, you can rest assured that include Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n as the other members of the family iPad. The question is whether there will be a more expensive version with support for 3G or LTE. Given that almost none of its competitors include mobile connectivity, it would be no trauma to lower the price of this option were omitted.

The price and the date of departure

As we have been saying, the price would be key to the success of the iPad Mini in a market that is reaching maturity. Little can make the Apple tablet if it is unable to approach the cost of a Kindle Fire from Amazon or Google Nexus 7. Therefore, probably the cheapest model (16 GB) would be around $ 249.

From there to the front, we can speculate on how the price increase as the capacity or the inclusion of mobile connectivity. It would not be surprising that the most expensive model cost more than $ 500, a price above the most basic of the new iPad.

ipad mini rumores 5 iPad Mini Esto es lo que sabemos por el momento

Release dates would surprisingly early: in just one month. According to the Wall Street Journal , October 17 would be the keynote where he would be released, having sent the letters to the press a week before. Moreover, it is speculated that Apple could use to launch some new minor in their applications or iOS 6. Recall that the iPad Mini is designed for students and gamers, so some improvements in iBooks or iTunes U would be great with his presentation.

This is the most important thing we know about the iPad Mini. If the timing is correct, in less than a week should have solid evidence about one of the most amazing keynotes in recent years.

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