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iPad Mini: Personal Reflections

ipad mini blanco4 iPad Mini: Reflexiones Personales

Shortly after the original iPad came to market with one I did. Gradually it has become a sort of appendage to my body. I always wear it up and helps you get me killed those times I have not much to do when I'm away from home. I can check email with comfort, check my social networking profiles, listen to music, read a book or simply entertain with a movie or a series.

The concept of the iPad is really wonderful and applications that have emerged for the device, which have become extremely useful. Now comes the iPad Mini, a new concept of iPad, in a way, is an iPad 2, smaller size and, most importantly, weighs slightly less than half the current iPad. Undoubtedly, this will allow the iPad Mini will become an even more inseparable device many of us. A compact, lightweight, but especially useful and powerful to manage all our "digital life" in mobility.

iPad Mini, the perfect tablet to carry around

Apple has not forgotten anything (maybe Retina Display) in this new iPad Mini . Lightning Connector, 5-megapixel camera on the back (due to their size, do not be so ridiculous a picture with this new tablet), front for FaceTime video calling (extremely useful when you live away from your family or even for business meetings ), a battery that provides up to 10 hours of battery life (which are numerous) and something to keep in mind: the same resolution as the iPad 2, so that will be 100% compatible applications from minute one.

ipad mini frontal iPad Mini: Reflexiones Personales

Without doubt, the iPad Mini is a device that is here to stay and will make things very complicated to its main competitors: the 7-inch tablets. IPad Mini is actually closer to 8 inches of the 7, and it has a 7.9 inch screen, which makes the total area of the screen is up to 67% larger than that found in which is being touted as his main rival: Google Nexus 7.

For now the iPad Mini is not available for purchase, but not take too long to arrive. Starting on October 26 reservations may be made in Spain and the November 2 Early buyers will receive your unit, plus reach store shelves. At least until stock runs out as usual during the launch of Apple.

We talked about the iPad Mini prices in Spain , but we remember the clueless:

precios ipad mini1 iPad Mini: Reflexiones Personales

  • The WiFi only model will cost $ 329 16GB.
  • The WiFi only model will cost $ 429 32GB.
  • The WiFi only model will cost $ 529 64GB.
  • The WiFi + LTE model with 16 GB will cost $ 459.
  • The model with WiFi + LTE 32GB will cost $ 559.
  • The WiFi + LTE model with 64 GB will cost $ 659.

What do you think about the new Apple tablet? You would buy an iPad? Mini OS? Would you change your current iPad for this new model?

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