Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IPad Comparison between third and fourth generation

The third generation of the iPad has been the shortest of all. Just seven months after launching the world's first tablet with Retina Display, Apple has been dreaming up a revision surprise, which has seen fit to call as iPad 4 (fourth generation).

Although Tuesday's keynote, this product was overshadowed by his younger brother, the iPad Mini , now important is raising a stir on social networks and blogs specialized The problem is that those who have purchased a third-generation iPad recently, are cheated because they feel they have bought a tablet that has become outdated. Nothing is further from the truth.

comparativa ipad 3 ipad 4 548x350 Comparativa entre los iPad de tercera y cuarta generación

In my opinion, we should not put their hands in their heads: this version has a few changes from the previous one. Perhaps the best approach would have been that Apple would have presented as a review of the iPad 3, to say nothing of the fourth generation. This would not have raised so many blisters your ad.

Then we will see the major differences between the two models:

  • The new chip, called A6X, little is known. Only it is a dual core with quad-core GPU. Is supposed to be twice as potent in both processor tasks as those relating to graphics. So imagine the wonders of games that we will see in the coming months. If you take advantage programmers, we have a console quality graphics.
  • LTE connectivity is international now, because this only worked in the United States and Canada. This already has the iPhone 5, so we are supposed to enjoy it as legislation in Spain to agree on how to implement this technology.
  • The camera is now FaceTime HD, and the rear camera is the same but with some improvements in the real-time processing of the images.
  • Lightning The new connector is present in this new iPad, how could it be otherwise.

comparativa ipad 3 ipad 4 2 586x350 Comparativa entre los iPad de tercera y cuarta generación

What do you think of the fourth-generation iPad? Are ye of those who have suffered unexpected launch? In any case, the iPad 3 tablet remains excellent in quality.

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