Monday, October 1, 2012

IPad 4? Built with carbon fiber and flexible display?

ipad 4 ¿iPad 4 construido con fibra de carbono y pantalla flexible?

When it seemed that all the rumors are focused only on the possible iPad Mini, new reports rumors that point directly to the future of the iPad and start talking about how it could be the future fourth-generation iPad.

The latest rumors, talk about important changes to the device. To start these rumors say the iPad 4 may be made ​​of carbon fiber. A material that would make it more resistant, while lighter. The rumors emerged after the Japanese blog Macotakara, securing large orders for this material by Apple, plus the 2010 patent in which detailed a possible Apple product made with this fiber, are getting attract the attention of analysts, who start really believe that Apple may be planning to make the jump to this material.

Besides this, they start talking about the possibility that the aspect ratio of the iPad screen change in a future version. Specifically speaking of new prototypes of iPad with a 16:9 screen. This would make the resolution of the iPad 4 would have the same aspect ratio as the iPhone 5 and that most high-definition widescreen TVs. A fairly logical step to further unify criteria in all products produced by the Cupertino company.

The iPad 4 could mount a flexible display and be made of carbon fiber

fibra carbono ¿iPad 4 construido con fibra de carbono y pantalla flexible?

On the other hand, we are also starting to talk about the possibility that Apple uses a patent in showing a flexible display with integrated speakers. This may seem as unlikely, but maybe it exists a prototype with flexible display in Apple labs, is it possible to produce a flexible display en masse to a relatively cheap price?

No doubt these rumors are broad brushstrokes which could end up being the next iPad 4. It is noteworthy that for the moment all these are just rumors and assumptions and until Infinite Loop decide disclose official information we take them with tweezers you seem credible? Will we see an iPad 4 with a flexible display?

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