Thursday, October 18, 2012

Infographic: most dangerous areas of a house to use an iPhone

iphone roto Infografía: zonas más peligrosas de una casa para utilizar un iPhone

Both the iPad and the iPhone are devices with which we should be careful enough. Although certain shock resistant, unbreakable and certainly not many you will have in your own flesh suffered a broken display one of these devices (most common fracture).

SquareTrade people, wanted to study the places where most often produce an iPhone breaks and focus primarily in the home, but also reflect other problems in their study site. Of course, this data can be extrapolated to other smartphone and not only Apple.

To make a little more enjoyable this information, have placed it in the form of computer graphics and shared with everyone. Want to know what are the places with the highest percentage of disgrace to our iPhone?

infografia accidentes iphone 334x650 Infografía: zonas más peligrosas de una casa para utilizar un iPhone

In computer graphics displays as 21% of accidents in the home happen in the kitchen. This is totally normal, because in the kitchen combine different hazards: falls from countertops, tables, liquid, mop buckets, glass ceramic and a long compendium of other hazards.

Secondly we find the living room Would you ask the TV remote the motive? Exactly, falls from the couch when after spending some time looking for the smartphone and not finding it just got up and on the floor. Close behind the bathroom, with a 16% percent chance Do not need to mention the dangers they?

It is also striking that up to 5% of iPhone faults that have been detected coming from devices that end up in the washing machine do people not check the pockets before putting clothes in the washing machine?

Finally, the study shows a list of the most hazardous liquids that we have about our iPhone or iPad. Really not that they are more dangerous, but have a greater presence in the data of faults that have been used for this infographic. Here we see that water dominates the list of hazardous liquids, closely followed by refreshments.

Have you had an accident with your iPhone or iPad? Has unusable? What is your story?

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