Monday, October 22, 2012

Infectonator: zombie plague breaks out around the world

Infectonator is a zombie game with graphics in pixel plan, in which instead of eliminating them, we have to control for explandir undead plague the world.

We'll start with the most basic units and we will go attacking different cities to earn coins that will allow us to buy new units and improving them, more strength, attack, speed, likelihood of infection, etc..

Its gameplay is not made ​​to spend each screen to the first, but we have to rejugarlas to make money, improve our zombies and get back with more chances of victory. In each, we find different objectives and different types of human "alive", from ordinary citizens to police or secret agents, each more dangerous to our hopes of victory.

The game is pretty fun, especially because it is a game to be playing it at times dead. Do not expect fast-paced action, as it might fit more in the strategy genre, and the zombies are controlled alone, our only mission will be to decide who and where to send units, as well as improved.

The game is universal and can be downloaded for free for a limited time, so fans of zombies, do not expect much to download ;)


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