Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Use a Mouse on iPad (Jailbroken)

Manage the iPad with one or more fingers is great, but imagine the taste has to be able to use precision applications with a mouse. We refer, for example, in painting or editing.

Well, these days it has released a new tweak for those lucky owners of an iPad or an iPhone with jailbreak. With it, you can use a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to manage your iOS device.

como usar raton en ipad 539x350 Cómo utilizar un Ratón en iPad (con Jailbreak)

Okay, we know that you can connect an external keyboard in iOS for some time, but it is somewhat uncomfortable having to touch the screen from time to time to access another part of the document you want to edit. Binding of keyboard and mouse can make our tablet in an ideal replacement laptop.

IDownloadblog The guys have prepared a tutorial showing how easy it is to pair our Bluetooth keyboard and mouse via our BTC Mouse & Trackpad, which is the name of this tweak. In the following video you can see the result.

You will agree with us that the result is spectacular. After a simple setup, you can access options like mouse cursor speed, or what gestures are different buttons. For example, in Layout mode we have assigned the buttons to move to swipe to the right or left, ideal for keynotes or to see photos.

In the normal mode, holding down the left button corresponds to let down on the screen, which is very intuitive as you know it shows the text editing options. And with a double click right, we will open the bar to change the application.

There are many more options that you will discover. What do you think? Does anyone ever tried it?

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