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How Apple will surprise us on October 23?

ipad mini colores ¿Con qué nos sorprenderá Apple el 23 de Octubre?

In recent weeks we have received many rumors about possible announcements that Apple could do during the keynote of next October 23 . The list is large and the expectations for this event are really high Apple Will you be able to meet all of them?

As has happened on other occasions it is most likely not. Apple may make some announcements, this new hardware products, software and maybe some improvements can announce any of their services. But we doubt that everything finally announce it has been rumored in recent weeks. If it does, it would be a really productive keynote, with a number of spectacular news, but ...

What can we expect from the keynote Oct. 23?

  • iPad Mini: certainly, the iPad Mini has to be present at this event. Years ago the talk about the possibility of their existence and in recent months the number of rumors emerged around it are overwhelming. At this point, it seems that everyone assumes that is a reality, indeed we have already made a comparison of this potential product against its major rivals in the market for 7-inch tablets. Be sure to read all the news about the iPad Mini .
  • Retina Display MacBook Pro 13-inch: seems a pretty logical step. After the arrival of the 15-inch model, Apple should provide a model of 13 for those who want a computer with a more compact size than the model 15, but why not want to forget the power and quality of your screen . The rumors of its release began shortly after the presentation of the model 15 and October always spoke as the time of arrival in stores.
  • Mac Mini: This is perhaps one of the last-minute additions to the pools of the keynote. During the year 2012 has not received any updates, so Apple is likely to make a team update. Cosmetic changes are not expected, since its design is fairly recent, but if an update of the internal components.
  • iMac: the range of all-in-one Apple has not received an update for more than 530 days, so that cries to heaven that needs to be renovated. Lots of people are waiting for a renewal of the team to put one in your home, so this could mean a good presentation surge in Mac sales for Apple. Rumors indicate a possible change in the team aesthetic, a complete redesign and updating of its internal components.

macbook pro retina2 ¿Con qué nos sorprenderá Apple el 23 de Octubre?

  • iTunes 11: during the presentation of the iPhone 5 , Apple made ​​a small summary of what we would expect with iTunes 11. Product presentation created many expectations thanks to a major interface change and the company could announce this new event for availability.
  • iBooks: rumors indicate that the event could be pretty focused on the education sector, so it would make sense for Apple to announce any news related to iBooks Store or iTunes U.

As we can see the list of possible players in next Tuesday's keynote is quite extensive. If we had to choose some we would, no doubt with the announcements of iPad Mini, the new MacBook Pro Retina, updating the iMacs and iBooks-related developments. Perhaps we are wrong, but this is our bet for the next event that Apple will, remember, on October 23.

Of course, Apple could surprise and announce some other news of the rumors that have arisen. That is unusual, although there is always the possibility that Apple has managed to keep the secret until the right time.

Will you follow the Keynote with us? icon smile ¿Con qué nos sorprenderá Apple el 23 de Octubre?

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