Monday, October 22, 2012

Hide apps on iPhone without jailbreak

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We all know plenty of tricks to hide applications on jailbroken devices from specific applications for it until doing so from within SBSettings that many will have installed, but if you do not jailbreak was impossible, until now.

Now you can hide applications on any iPhone or iPad without jailbreak, and therefore works on the new iPhone 5. Just go to a web page and select the application you want to hide, you will be asked to install an application and once done you can delete and quietly, like an app either. It has some bugs, but in the end it works, you can see those little bugs in the video.

To make it work you must enter this site: (click here from your iPhone)

  • Once on the site select the option "Hide Apps Without jailbreak"
  • You select the application to hide
  • Accept the installation
  • put your icons in vibration mode
  • delete the selected application

It will be hidden until you restart your iPhone, you can hide as many as you want, whenever you will restart again and repeat the process.

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