Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hide any icon and native apps without jailbreak iOS 6

Surely many of you would like to hide several icons of applications that can not be erased but you do not use at all. So far no problems could be done by jailbreak, but if you have iOS 6 with a new device, still can not. Well, thanks to a bug found passbook, you can hide any icon in a simple and non-permanent.

Thus, the selected icons will remain hidden until you reboot the device (yes, we must do it every time but it reiniciáis both?).

You only have to do the following:

  1. We access the device from our web http://www.cydiahacks.com
  2. Click on the button "Get PassHack".
  3. Click on the button "Add to passbook".
  4. We will see the screen to add a new coupon Passbook, we accept it.
  5. Passbook open the application and see the "coupon" of PassHack.
  6. Click on the "i" in the lower right corner.
  7. Now see a list of links to different application name hiding each.
  8. Click on the link for the application you want to hide.
  9. Safari opens and a message will appear. We press Install.
  10. Now we will see how it "starts to install" this app and we see an error message. Click OK and now we can delete it as you would any other application (hold down the app and giving the X).
  11. For the icon reappears just have to restart the device.

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