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Health, exercise and motivation EsferaiPhone (3/3): Comparison and selection of apps for fitness addicts

To complete the series this month dedicated to health, exercise and fitness, after analyzing apps for runners with the first delivery and compare apps for cyclists in the second, from EsferaiPhone completed the cycle with an analysis of some of the best applications to continue our routines and workouts in the fitness world.

In addition to choosing three of the most used applications by users, give you a wide range of apps those related to the world of personal training and exercise programming, both general and specific muscle groups in order to reach an audience as widest possible.

The three applications that we will discuss are: GymGoal, Fitness and Body Fitness Pro.

In each of them, discuss their most relevant features and, as always, will shape their pros and cons, both by experience and by the reviews that users have provided.


On a personal level is the application you've always used when measuring and control my weight room workouts. Has long been present in the AppStore, continuously improving and getting even a version for the Apple tablet.

It has a large database of exercises, scheduling meetings, tracking progress, and even monitor the measures and training volume to be perfectly controlled programming. All these exercises and parameters are stored on the device, so we'll need to have an active data connection in order to learn how to run a given year through the videos present in the application.

The application is very complete in terms of number and variations of exercises. However, we can add our own specific exercises, so that the database can do even wider. The same happens also with routines, in addition to those provided by the program, we can create ourselves our own.

In recording mode, we are able to keep a diary of our programming, at a given time can know the exact day we did a particular exercise, the weight and number of repetitions registered, to see your progress as well. This feature, the program can translate it into a table and graphs to view more intuitively.

One of the features that attract the most attention, is that it provides indirect indices to calculate certain parameters, such as: 1RM (one repetition maximum), or Body Mass Index Body Fat Percentage among others. Socially, has the ability to send logs via email sessions, but is still green in terms of integration with social networks.

Best of all, it is certainly, that is in Spanish, it does not take too much memory in our device and gives us the option to create backups of our workflow. On the negative side, we find no further adaptation to the screen of the iPhone 5 and certain problems of synchronization between devices.

GymGoal is available on the App Store, both free and paid version (4.49 €), compatible with both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, fully translated, as we have said, in Spanish.

GymGoal | Free GymGoal

Fitness Pro:

The idea of ​​the developers with this application is pretty good, but is far from reaching the height above. The interface is very poor and very unattractive, but ignoring these features, the rest is quite useful to measure progress and evolution of our routines.

One of the best features is its extensive database in terms of exercise, not only from outside (on the general and specific muscle groups), but stretching and cardio.

It has both the ability to create our routines, and to choose those already scheduled by the application, go to getting familiar with its interface as well with training. In turn, to monitor progress, the application provides tables for better visualization of the parameters.

Strengths: online platform to share progress with other users, comprehensive database about exercises, visualization of route maps in terms of aerobic work at street level.

Weaknesses: language (English only), poor interface, very intuitive and very weak in the launching of regular updates.

Fitness Pro can be found in the App Store, both free and paid (0.89 €) in which advertising is removed (purchased through the app itself free), compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch .

Fitness Pro

Body Fitness:

This is a very comprehensive, feature that makes it unique and different from others of the same gender. It has, in general, with characteristics similar to their counterparts: graphic description and over 320 types of exercise (both strength, and stretching and aerobics), with the possibility of adding more, all with animations or creating routines.

However, as mentioned, has a feature that sets it apart from the others: has incorporated within its own calendar application where you can see the periodization of different routines we have done, feature, personally, I looks fantastic.

In terms of interface, is perhaps midway between the weak display of Pro Fitness and very collected GymGoal screens. However, passing the exam perfectly if we measure our work and to observe the evolution of our physical condition, whether at the calendar, exercises, cargo volume or visual graphics.

On the other hand, has several negatives such as: language (English only), no interface adapted to iPhone 5 and, above all, very poor frequency of updates.

Body Fitness is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Body Fitness

Here you have a summary table with the pros and cons of the three applications analyzed:






Language (Spanish)


No data connection required

Infinite possibilities

Indices to calculate parameters

Large database of exercises

Online platform for sharing routines

Route maps for outdoor work

Good interface

Periodization with built-in implementation schedule


Not adapted to screen iPhone 5

Certain problems of synchronization between devices

Not adapted to screen iPhone 5

Very few regular updates

Very poor interface


Not adapted to screen iPhone 5

Very few regular updates


As mentioned in the beginning of the entry, we want the chance to work with your iOS device are the highest possible, so that we leave a number of applications with its link to the App Store focused on fitness training in several of its forms .

Abdominal Training | Training pectoral

Arms: Training and Exercises | Gym Training

100 + Strength Exercises | Free daily workouts

Your comments about experiences with applications of this kind, so that together we can find the ideal for our favorite physical activity. Cheer up!

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