Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Street: build your village in the beautiful and picturesque street Happy

Happy Street is a game (of time) in which we have to build a village, with houses, shops, decorations and entertainment, all with a very friendly and nice.

The goal is to fulfill different missions that the inhabitants of our village-street we propose and collect or create different elements starting from different raw materials, such as apples, coconuts, firewood or mushrooms. According avanzemos, go leveling up and unlocking new buildings and missions.

The mechanics of the game is the typical time in games, having to wait to run out of building, cooking and creating elements of the people. Of course, we spend "Flooz" to accelerate the process, but given their scarcity also allow us to buy them with real money.

We visit the villages of our friends (Game Center or Facebook), send souvenirs, ask for help or invite you to our hotel, so the more friends you may have more you can earn.

The best thing is that the game is free, universal and adapted to the screen of the iPhone 5, so if you like this kind of games, we recommend you try it because it is very entertaining.

Happy Street

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