Monday, October 1, 2012

Google now worth more than Microsoft

Today the battle of the big numbers will star the two companies that normally compete against Apple. These giants Microsoft and Google, and the news is that today the company has surpassed California Corporation Steve Balmer by value traded.

The reason for this comes from several factors. For starters, the undeniable quality of the free applications provided by Google, as your office suite or maps. Moreover, the success of the devices that funds like Nexus tablet 7 or the new family that will get along with Motorola.

google vale mas microsoft 1 Google ya vale más que Microsoft

The value of Google's stock has been rising slowly in recent weeks. The exact moment that have surpassed Microsoft in terms of market capitalization has been portrayed by Bloomberg. The figure is dizzying: more than 240 billion dollars.

google vale mas microsoft 2 Google ya vale más que Microsoft

Recall that Google began this year 19 billion dollars behind in this race to see who is better. Now, each share of the company is worth $ 748.9, exceeding its record so far was $ 747.24 in November 2007.

However, the values ​​are far reaching Apple. Its market capitalization value has exceeded 650 billion dollars, and some analysts are betting that will reach one billion dollars before year end.

We do not know if the launch of Windows 8 will change the tide in this race for recovery in the stock market. Since then, the three companies are healthy is something that always benefit users, and we hope that they all continue innovating and fighting to convince shareholders.

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