Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Google and Samsung are working on a high-end tablet 10 inch

We do not realize, but the Apple tablet is three years with very little competition. In the world of technology, I do not recall a similar case in which a device is added in abundance, capturing a huge market share.

The oddest thing of all is that it seems that the picture will not change at all in the coming months. If anything, some timid attempts to collect users in the area of ​​7 inches, with suggestions from Google and Amazon have some success.

However, in the field of tablets around 10 inches, the iPad is still the undisputed king. And it seems that Samsung and Google will join forces again to release a high-end tablet once and for all change the tide.

 Google y Samsung trabajan en un tablet de gama alta de 10 pulgadas

According to CNET, the new Google Nexus tablet 10 inch screen will have a brand new 300 dots per inch resolution, more than the Retina Display of the third generation iPad (which has 264 dots per inch). This means a size of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Of course, the journalist who signs the report boasts that its sources are reliable, within the production chain. This means, incidentally, that the assembly of the pieces already be producing. Although no definite date of departure, this means that only a few months left to see it in the market. Price? Surely the basic model is around $ 500.

Moreover, other reports also mysterious tablet that would cost only $ 99, and that Google would be ready to start manufacturing in December. What features will the new inhabitant of the universe tablet?

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