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Get more from the iOS Mail application with these tricks

trucos app mail ios Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

We all know the iOS Mail application, the email application that comes standard with the Apple mobile operating system. Certainly there are alternatives in the App Store, for example we have the official Gmail application and implementation Sparrow, but neither lived up to the Apple app. Mail is not that perfect, far from it, but since upgrading to iOS 6 has improved a lot, so I want to teach some tricks to get the most out of Mail.

VIP Contacts

If you fretted a little of you will have noticed Mail function. With it we can select our most important contacts and create a list of VIPs, which will have its own inbox and differentiating them from other incoming mail.

Inbox Preview

trucos app mail ios bandeja Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

If you want to display the inbox more mail at a glance, you have to change the preview in the settings menu. To do this, you just have to go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Once there, change the preview to one line or even none. By default you will see that it is set to 2 lines. With this simple change will see more emails in the inbox, which you can get even more if you have an iPhone 5.

Direct access to drafts

trucos app mail ios borradores Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

For quick access to Drafts in Mail so you only have to hold the button to compose new mail.

Attach images to e

trucos app mail ios imagenes Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

Until iOS 6, to attach a picture or video to an email, we had to do it from the Snapshot application and, frankly, was quite uncomfortable. I may not have noticed, but now it can be done directly from the wording of the email. We'll just let down the screen, as if we were to copy or paste some text, and see an arrow pointing to the right. If we deploy this arrow "Insert photo or video." Much more comfortable than before.

Show the tray by sliding your finger (iPad only)

If utilizais Mail on the iPad in portrait mode, you have the possibility to show the inbox with just a swipe to the right. To re-hide only have to slide your finger left.

Multiple signatures

trucos app mail ios firmas 650x574 Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

One of the best new features in Mail If you have multiple email accounts configured, it is possible that you may need to have different signatures as you exit the mail account. Now this is already possible with Mail In Mail settings have the "Signature", where firms can set and choose to use the same signature for all accounts or create one specifically for each account that we have set.

Post Review

I guess this option already know it, but it never hurts to remember. Here you can set how often you want to check for new e-mail. You can choose Push, with which you will receive emails immediately, or at intervals of 15, 30 or 60 minutes. On the other hand, you also have the ability to configure to receive emails manually.

Customize notifications

trucos app mail ios notificaciones 650x575 Sácale el máximo a la aplicación Mail de iOS con estos trucos

Notifications is another thing that we can also customize depending on that account from the email you have received. So, we can change the sound, the style of the alert, the preview and balloon icons and the lock screen. This will create prioritize accounts that most interest us.

And here these little tricks so you can exploit the full potential of the application Mail hope you have been helpful.

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