Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Foxconn: iPhone 5 is the device that has cost us to assemble more

When she released Apple iPhone 5 on 21 September, quickly became the fastest iPhone was sold in all of history. Not surprisingly, in the first weekend sold no less than five million units.

However, it seems that since then sales have been slowing down slowly, until the point that currently sells well enough, but the sales volume remains below what analysts predicted. Does your high price is causing many traditional buyers of Apple stuck with your old iPhone?

Although partly true, the problem has nothing to do with it. Apparently, the issue is that Foxconn, the company responsible for assembling with love and care all the pieces of iPhone 5 in their factories, not enough. In fact, its design and operation is so complex that the company has admitted that the device face more difficult to assemble its entire history.

iphone 5 muy dificil ensamblar 466x350 Foxconn: el iPhone 5 es el dispositivo que más nos ha costado ensamblar

Imagine the amount of problems they had to deal Foxconn to be desperate in making the iPhone 5. In fact, a few weeks ago and notify the strike of the employees of the company, due to the fact that they were pushing for precision work for which they had not been adequately trained.

The blame for this is the extreme lightness and thinness of the terminal. It stands to reason that it takes a long time to learn how to assemble all the device correctly. Fortunately, according to a company statement, their productivity is increasing day by day thanks to the wisdom acquired by experience.

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