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Five ways that Apple could use their Apple Store Passbook

passbook iphone Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

At the moment there are not many companies that accept payment system Passbook as in their establishments. Hopefully this will change as time goes on, because Apple has much pull and there are many people who could take advantage of this application. Furthermore, Passbook can go further and not limited to a payment system. It can also be used as a system of loyalty cards, gift cards, or even to organize events. The possibilities are really big, you just have to have a little imagination and desire to do things.

Perhaps, the first company you should go for your own application is Apple and start giving greater prominence in its Apple Store network. It seems that they are preparing to take the first step and Passbook accept as payment, but could use it for many more things do we see some examples?

Gift Cards for Apple Store

apple store ny Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

Imagine you want to give to a family or friend a gift card from an Apple Store. This would have to desplacerte to the store, buy the card and then give it to your friend. Passbook With all this could be done from a mobile phone or a computer, without leaving home.

Since the iPhone itself would be ordered to buy a gift card for the desired amount (the payment would be automatic, as the Apple ID account data known as our credit card) and automatically be sent a link to our friend. Once you click on the link the card would be discharged automatically be included in Passbook. Following in his hand and would go to the Apple Store to buy what you like.

Reserves for product launch

lanzamiento iphone 5 Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

When Apple introduces a new product is customary to form queues in front of shops. The store employees, often working to go ahead and traverse the queue after delivering cards that will be redeemable by the device itself with the specifications that the client wants.

This could be done perfectly with Passbook, as the card redeemable automatically be generated and the customer only has to queue to collect your product, previously booked and paid via your mobile.

Event Management Capacity

espera cola Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

Perhaps this point is not something useful for most users, but it could be an application that Apple could give Passbook. When the company organizes an event could send out invitations to the press through this invitation Passbook and could serve to manage the queue position of each attendee.

Anticipated purchases of products

ipad caja Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

The Apple Store usually have enough staff to not have to wait too long, but still Passbook could serve to help us save more time. When we go to an Apple Store to buy a product and we know what we want, we could configure it with Passbook and automatically generate a card. Once the process, we should only approach the store for the product and identify with the application.

The product you are ready and have the setup that we have selected, so the process will be a little faster than if we have to wait for the time dependent prep him.

Booking Genius Bar, One to One or reservation of seats in shops

genius bar Cinco modos en los que Apple podría usar Passbook en sus Apple Store

Without doubt the most logical step. Apple could use its seat reservation system for the Genius Bar, One to One program or system for booking places for workshops and integrate with Passbook, so the customer can have an appointment reminder card as Passbook.

There is no doubt that the possibilities are endless Passbook, you just have to let your imagination and companies would have to think about how to take advantage of its business. Hopefully will gradually realizing and decide to permit use this great application in their establishments.

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