Monday, October 1, 2012

Five improvements of the iPhone 5 that you may not have noticed

The iPhone 5 is already in the hands of millions of users, and it has some good stuff. For starters, because we can access hundreds of reviews of those owners who have decided to tell their experiences with the new Apple smartphone.

In addition, there are certain features that at first you do not realize, but as you'll be noticing blatantly using. This article is about them, and we input that seem important enough to them that Apple has given no more hype.

iphone 5 caracteristicas escondidas 407x350 Cinco mejoras del iPhone 5 de las que quizás no te hayas dado cuenta

The battery life is considerably higher. Apple boasted of it already in the keynote, and anyone can have it check. This is due to two factors: first, the greater space available for increasing the size. Second, the energy performance of the new chip A6, which was designed especially for this purpose.

The materials used provide very pleasing results. The aluminum back cover is nice and gives a feeling of quality and comfort hard to find in other smartphones from the competition.

We notice that weighs considerably less. According to official data, is down 20%, although it seems that it is a little big advantage that you notice when you have the handset in your hands.

The display quality is measured not only by increasing inches. Already announced its higher contrast and vivid colors. And when you use it in your everyday life, the truth is that it shows and pretty. It is, therefore, the best display an iPhone to date difference.

Though we still run the LTE connection in Spain, the latest revisions of HSPA + support the modem 3G iPhone 5 , so you can achieve download speeds above 18 Mbps.

What else have you learned from your iPhone 5?

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