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First reviews / analysis 4 and iPad Mini iPad

ipad mini blanco8 Primeras reviews / análisis del iPad 4 y iPad Mini

The iPad Mini and the new iPad 4 (fourth generation) have been presented a little over a week and are not yet on sale, although some have been lucky to get their hands on the new devices and leave us with long teeth to publish your first impressions with the new devices.

Let's do a review of the opinion of some of the most important means of technology What feedback on the new iPad Mini and the new iPad 4?

Reviews the iPad Mini

The Loop

I used my iPad Mini for tasks such as watching movies or playing games, and I used it a lot. The battery lasts for several days, even with constant use of the device. Really surprising ease to incorporate the iPad Mini day to day, even more than they did at the time with the 10-inch iPad.

I really do not think an iPad of a smaller size, but it looks like a completely different devices with the convenience and functionality.

Furthermore, the difference compared with the 7-inch models from other manufacturers, the screen is relatively large, since the iPad Mini actually has a screen of 7.9 inches.

The device is well structured and its shape and size have been studied in a very intelligent as you would expect from any Apple device.


Although the iPad Mini has no Retina display, color reproduction, quality and brightness are significantly better than the iPad 2 and is comparable to the iPad with Retina display.

The colors are very pleasing to the eye, even at odd angles: Apple does not disappoint in this regard. The iPad Mini is not a product of commitment and can not be considered a "smaller iPad".

In a way, is the best tablet manufactured by Apple to date: a device incredibly thin and very light, well built and a phenomenal battery life.

Admittedly, not the most powerful tablet that Apple has made and the screen has a lower quality than the fourth generation of iPhone, but it sure will not be disappointed.

For € 329 you will have all that offers a larger tablet and face.

Compared to the Kindle Fire, we have a tablet that offers many more features and is not dedicated solely to the sale of content. Compared to the Nexus 7 is a much more level and offers easy access to all functions.

Therefore, it is worth spending a little more to get an iPad Mini, logically you must have budget and not be an Android lover. It's simple, the iPad Mini is a great tablet.

detalle ipad mini negro Primeras reviews / análisis del iPad 4 y iPad Mini

ipad mini iphone 54 Primeras reviews / análisis del iPad 4 y iPad Mini

ipad mini perfil Primeras reviews / análisis del iPad 4 y iPad Mini

The Verge

It is a beautifully built tablet, works great, has a very functional software and error free. The iPad Mini is a great tablet, but not the cheapest.

We can not think of any other company that is not Apple who cares in the design of a perfect device from the practical standpoint of so many quality materials used in their manufacture.

Does it have anything to sustain it in our hand and always want to use it.

Would you have preferred a higher screen resolution? Sure. Would you have preferred a higher hardware or a selection of different applications by default? No, not even want a better battery.

The iPad Mini is the best tablet there, and you may not believe this, but for months I'm using a Nexus 7.

It will not be the cheapest tablet on the market, but it is probably the best.

Rating: 9 of 10.

ipad mini nexus 7 Primeras reviews / análisis del iPad 4 y iPad Mini


It is a fantastic device, even your screen without being Retina is much better than the iPad 2.

The price is higher than the competition, but the quality is paid and the iPad Mini is a significant improvement compared to the iPad 2 and is available at a much lower price.


Although not a Retina display, the result is not bad. Of course, it feels that the text is blurred if you're used to an iPad 3, but the quality is excellent.

The decision to use a 7.9 inch screen gives it a much larger area than competitive options.

If your budget allows, the iPad Mini is the best small tablet available, with an incredible design, weight and size that will be the most transportable guarantee.


Apple has achieved an impressive result, create a tablet getting significantly thinner and lighter than its main competitors, but with a larger screen: 7.9 inches.

Also avoided using plastic, which is already present in the remaining 7 inch tablets of the market. The iPad Mini is made from a single piece of aluminum. This is the ideal choice for all those looking for a smaller sized tablet.


What is more surprising is the weight. The iPad Mini is much lighter than the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, even with the Smart Cover in place. Furthermore it is also more subtle: it is an ideal device for those who use it for reading or watching movies and photos, you can hold in one hand for hours without tiring. You can even carry in a jacket pocket.

The battery is great, provides a range of 12 hours.

We now turn to some opinions on the iPad 4


If you buy an iPad for the first time, the iPad 4 will surprise you with its great power: it is faster than before and has new technologies such as LTE support networks worldwide and the new connector Lightning.

For those who already have iPad 3, the jump is not as great as it was between the iPad 1 and the iPad 2 is only a minor update. If you have an iPad 3, expect the fifth generation without problem.

The Verge

The next generation iPad is the result of a deliberate decision by Apple, now has all the iDevice line updated with new processors and new connector Lightning.

The main differences will be in a couple of years, when some games are not going to do well in the iPad 3, but work perfectly on the iPad 4.

The iPad 4 is faster in general and especially in the photos you get much better performance. In any case it is a tablet upgrade and performance applications remains the same as in the previous version.

If you have an iPad 3 is not necessary to upgrade to continue to enjoy the most.


Two times faster, longer battery life and cucesta same. What else is there to say about the fourth generation of the iPad? It is a success on all fronts, those who bought an iPad 3 will not be happy and we understand perfectly.

If you are thinking of buying a 10-inch tablet, this is the best possible option.

Perhaps Apple has updated the iPad 3 to avoid possible cannibalization of the same by the Mini iPad and iPad 4 differs even more from the iPad Mini.

It seems that all media agree that Apple's new tablets are a marvel. So the only question to ask yourself if you are thinking of buying a tablet is What size should I choose?

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