Monday, October 15, 2012

First images of Google Maps for iOS 6

google maps ios Primeras imágenes de Google Maps para iOS 6

The premiere of the map application for iOS 6 received a lot of negative reviews. It later emerged that actually the people were not so unhappy with the application , but the CEO of the company had to step out to apologize for the failure of Apple Maps.

Many believe that Apple made a big mistake to ignore Google Maps. Personally I think this is not true, as sometimes it is necessary to step back and then can take two steps forward and firmly believe that this is one of those cases. The development of Google Maps has been underway for several years and Apple is only in its infancy. Some first steps quite firm where we have already seen one important novelty in our iPhone and iPad, guided navigation point to point. Something you would never see if they had followed Apple with Google Maps.

Anyway, there are many people who are hoping that Google launches its own Google Maps application for iOS. At the moment the application is not available and own Eric Schmidt has said that so far have not publish it in mind , at least for another few months. Still, there have been some pictures of what is supposed to be the future of Google Maps application for iOS.

Leaked some features of Google Maps for iOS 6

The images that have appeared are not very good quality, but still allow us to see a taste of what will be the future application. In addition, the images are accompanied by some of the features that Google Maps for iOS included when officially arrives. Among them, we highlight the use of vectors to generate the maps (which makes Apple Maps and helps save data traffic and improve the quality of the graphics). In addition, the future application also lets you change the orientation of the map with two fingers, is optimized for screen iPhone 5 . Last but not least important, say the application is highly optimized and its performance is very fast.

google maps ios buscador Primeras imágenes de Google Maps para iOS 6

We still have to wait a while for Google Maps again available for iOS (We can use the web version as well), but it looks like we will soon see a huge competition between maps option of Apple and Google and this is something that benefits all users.

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