Saturday, October 27, 2012

Enabling new function with iBooks Move 3

Since the release of iBooks 3.0, I've read and heard the opinion of people who commented on the "scam" of the latest update of iOS books manager and his new "Move", and that is not available anywhere. Although to mean that something is a scam must involve a payment for a product or service, you have to dig a little before a statement to assume that in this case, are nothing certain.

If desconocíais new iBooks feature that allows us to move through the book we are reading by scrolling with your finger instead of having to go from page, you can activate as follows:

Once opened you please read the book, if you are in full screen mode you have to do a tap on the screen so that you leave the options of iBooks. You will have to select the configuration screen, located at the top right of the screen, as you can see in the picture above.

You see, this little menu has undergone a small redesign, changing the way of choosing the wallpaper color (white / sepia / night mode). The last option is called Shift, which will change the way we move through the book.

Thus, it is not necessary that the various books available in the iBooks Store is updated with support for iBooks 3, but you can use this function with both books and store bought like that importéis yourselves.

It is emphasized that this does not work with files. Pdf, but are compatible with ebook formats as. Epub.

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