Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Duo Gamer: joystick for games Gameloft

Duo-Games (the creators of Atari Arcade), in collaboration with Gameloft, has launched a new games exclusive control of the French company.

This cordless pad is connected via bluetooth to our iOS devices and allow us to play games like NOVA 3, 7 or Ordenr Asphalt & Chaos Online. In the future new games will be added to this list, as Modern Combat 3 or Brother in Arms 2.

The idea is very good, as most of the gameloft games with spectacular graphics, are guilty of the "discomfort" touch control, so with this knob would solve this "problem", but the bad (very bad, to be honest) is that, as happens with the rest of the company's products, the command can only be used with Gameloft games, so paying $ 80 dollars just to play 5 games can be too expensive ...

Much would have to expand the range of supported games, but still, it would always be limited to Gameloft games, so you have to take this into account when you buy or not.

You can find more information from their website .

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