Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dock Lighting, the first unofficial dock for iPhone 5

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Although we have seen the first cable alternative to Apple Lighting, the fact is that Cupertino is not going to get very easy time to create accessories that make use of the new connection. Everyone will have to go through approval for function properly, otherwise occur precisely things as the cable passes above: loading the iPhone 5 but does not synchronize.

One way to bypass Apple's approval to use the cable itself Lighting included in the iPhone 5 or buy an additional one for use in media and other accessories. This is precisely what makes The Lighting Dock, designed the first support for the iPhone 5.

The Dock Lighting is available in several finishes and offers the possibility of using our cable or purchase additional Apple original. We can also add a little extra boost for those who do not trust the strength of the new connector to hold the iPhone vertically.

Prices start from $ 25 dock to which must be added a further $ 8 on postage.

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Link - The Dock Lighting

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