Friday, October 19, 2012

Differences among analysts in estimating iPad sales in Q4 2012

estamacion ventas ipad Diferencias entre los analistas al estimar las ventas de iPad en el Q4 2012

As a publicly traded company, Apple presents its quarterly financial reports to investors know well what the company is doing. However, Apple has no obligation to share specific financial results for each of the various products sold, and the company does not want these data to be public because, in part, by the war against Samsung in the courts of northern California.

However, the interest in knowing these details is enormous. CNN Money asked for a report within 61 Apple analysts: 31 Wall Street and 30 other independent analysts, trying to establish a sales of iPad in the quarter ended Sept. 29. Analysts have already given your information and it seems that there is little agreement among them.

When calculating the average between the different groups shows that: Wall Street analysts believe that iPad sales for the quarter stood at about 17.6 million units, while the independent analysts expect a figure of about 19.23 million units, which is 9% higher. Even within the groups themselves do not seem to agree, since the numbers of different analysts are very different. For example, some Wall Street analysts commented that sales could be around 14.8 million units, a figure much lower. In the group of independent analysts also handled different figures and some claimed that the figure would be 23 million, a figure far higher.

Analysts agree on iPad units sold in the last quarter (Q4)

The average between the two groups is 18.38 million units. An enviable figure that many other companies that would like to achieve in the sales of any of its products, but that will be confirmed until Apple announces its official financial results on October 25. Whatever the amount, it sure is amazing.

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