Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crazy Taxi hit iOS this October

 Crazy Taxi llegar√° a iOS este mes de Octubre

Crazy Taxi is one of the arcade games that caught my attention when I tested and its gameplay, I was hopelessly hooked on it for hours.

Developed by Sega, Crazy Taxi made ​​its debut on the Dreamcast and allowed us to incarnate in the role of a taxi driver who had to carry different customers to their destinations before time ran out. All trips were frantic because we have to get around traffic, across parks or perform incredible jumps.

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The eleven seconds trailer does not say much but we need not. Graphically seems to be intact and retain only remains the question of how they will resolve the issue of the touch controls but surely opt for an analog stick or classic operation using accelerometers.

As for the release date will only know that this October, do not know the exact day but as we know, here we are to tell thee.

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